did i ever tell you how much i like to sniff my balls? i just stick my hand down my shorts and grab 'em, then bring my hand to my nose and smell it. that's really nothing to brag about, it's curiosity of the ol' masculine gender, but at least i don't like to sniff other guys' balls. i also like to sniff my armpits when they've got a coating of sweat on 'em. i don't like to smell other guys' armpits, just my own. i've liked the smell of my armpits since i first noticed they had an aroma to them, i was in like 5th or 6th grade at great adventure with my friend. after that, i started using deodorant.

oops, how could i forget about my shoes. i like to smell my shoes too. especially after going for a few hours without socks in them. something to savor.

oh, i bite my fingernails which isn't too yucky, but i pick at my toenails when they get too long and then i chew on them. i kind of like the smell of the undersides of my big toe's nail.


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