i don't go to church. i really get bored at church. that ain't right, but it's true. god knows it and so does jesus. well, maybe going to church with friends would be better than going to church at the retard home or going to church by myself, but i have none to go with.

i thought i could make up for my churchless nature years ago, by buying the bible on cd-rom. i installed it on my computer, but i didn't look at it a lot. i mainly used it to review god's stance on homosexuality and sexuality in general. because i, unlike most self-important people, only think half the world of myself and do not hold a blameless fake halo over my head.

i guess everyone who has an attraction to members of their own gender has a selfish "me me me" quality to them, but i tend to be selfish in other ways. that's not to say i'm blinded, thinking my way is the right way. did you ever wonder why so many gays like (seeing eye) dogs?


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