i first learned about my favorite airline's loyalty to impulsive flyers, at the mental ward. i had already been there for over a month, and the insurance company would not keep paying, so my doctor discussed the possibility of sending me up to a psyche hospital in massachusets. he told me to call this airline and schedule a flight for the next day. so i did, i was surprised to learn that they did not up the price hundreds of dollars for such a spur-of-the-moment decision. grateful, too.

this airline is the only airline i fly, mainly because i do not like to plan.

i am and i am not looking forward to the day i will get a passport. i am looking forward to it because i'd finally be able to visit ireland, look around, maybe move there. i'm not looking forward to it because i think it's inevitable that i'll get my passport before this airline goes international! so i won't be able to excersize my nomadic whims of impulsivity for my trip to ireland...or even reserve a seat the night before. without paying for it, that is.
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