1983-84 was the year of the thriller, for me anyway. i was in fourth grade, i honestly don't know what i saw in michael jackson. i don't think that obsession was the mark of a "joiner," the only reason i can think of to justify a need to "join" would be that i had just moved to the area a year earlier. i had friends then, though, maybe i just didn't feel accepted and that's why i "joined". i am not sure.

anyway, i remember being infatuated with him, but i can't remember taking it to an extreme. i remember trying to perfect his "huevo" (sp?)...and his "moonwalk"...i remember suddenly favoring pepsi cola (when they burned his hair off i had already ingrained it in my head that "cool" kids drink pepsi). second thought, i guess i do remember taking it to an extreme.

well, by the time bad was released, the obsession was over. it wasn't that strong of an obsession, when the thriller high wore off so did his impact. i guess i wasn't very devoted. i guess i was a "joiner".

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