i didn't learn all that much after i "broke my head," the last two years of high school. well, nothing that any teacher was teaching. i learned that even jocks, society's epitome of masculinity, can be undefined within themselves and therefore lonely for anything male (dare i call myself a man). i learned that exhibitionists and other attention-seekers are lonely and pathetic souls who'll do anything to "belong," including lighting up in the boys' room and strutting up the hallway, butt in mouth and eyes of pride. i learned that real guys are put to shame when another guy stands in reverence of them or gives them too much unwarranted respect. i learned that "cool" is something i don't want to be.

i learned the most by watching myself, yourself, or someone like matchbox 20.

also, "self-acceptence," as tub-a-lard knows it, can be a slap in the face.

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