this is weird, unheard of nowadays, as i don't lust for femininity. but it is 10:00 pm right now, i'm thinking of how great it would be to have a woman here treating me like a man. she's angry and feeling neglect as i am typing on the computer, she's trying to tease me off the computer, putting on a little peepshow next to the bed. and when i've had enough of her giggling and her manipulation attempts, i get up and push her onto the bed and we play all night! like a couple of kids, giggling and laughing and touching and feeling and talking like prince, "i wanna fuck you so bad, it hurts, it hurts, i'm not saying this to be nasty, but i sincerely wanna fuck the taste outta your mouth". wow, that'd be awesome.

the purest thing about it is that i don't have any delusions about women or heterosexual sex. she accepts me and i accept her, and that's it. we play way past orgasm, we play til we wear ourselves out. play and tickle each other and kiss and hug and sing and vogue!!! sex where getting off just doesn't matter! am i crazy or just happy?

well, i guess that's alright for fantasy, but i don't think i'll be getting married for a while.

and i think more of myself than to be just a notch on a bedpost.

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