june 25, 2002

i rubbed off this morning at about 9:30. i was thinking of the sexy young man i saw at the head-injury clinic, actually i've been thinking about him a lot since i saw him yesterday, he had nice hairy legs. just after i came, i remember thinking, "god, i hate rubbing off".

i think i have been off my paxil for a little while, but i think i've built up a tolerance to it and therefore it is not the anti-arousal pill it once was. my life would be so much happier if i wasn't prone to being bothered by lust. it's so sloppy, semen is, and what you have to do to produce it flat-out doesn't matter. and it doesn't take me long to produce it, let me tell you that much.

i guess i should just accept it as a part of being human.

well, i don't have much else to say about today's rubbing session. see ya later.


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