i know on the previous page i said i no longer stew over masculine thoughts, but i guess i spoke too soon. just the other day (it's 1-26-01 today) i was reminded of a night in balteymore.

i don't know what i was doing out on that night, though i probably was having car trouble (ie, ran out of gas or lost my keys, either way waiting for aaa to come save me). anyway, i was standing around probably gawking stupidly at the nearby men, when one my age (i was then probably 21 if it was before the retard home, 24 if it was after) motions with a tilt of his head to follow him into a picket-fence type enclosure. he stood back turned like he was taking a leak, except he took waaay too long so he most likely wanted to swap blowjobs. i didn't go in, though if i was more familiar with the predatory habits of the gay community i would've.

anyway, back to confession. it had been over a month since i last rubbed off (remember jamie lee curtis in a fish called wanda?!), having moved into a new place with my only friend after living alone for six months i had been too contented to want for anything but company. but my friend was gone that day and i, a software pirate having already downloaded all the titles and serial numbers i could ask for using morpheus, was left to my own devices. i didn't feel like writing anything for this website, and my mind began to drift. i was admiring the balteymore man's calm and inviting gesture to me, and soon i was thinking of his armpits! i know, i know, i'm grody...so are you if you like pussy or ass, they all stink! anyway, i'm confessing now and i'll confess each time i slip up and rub off...so stay tuned!

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