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wes vernon,
thursday, dec. 5, 2002

washington – bill clinton, america’s only elected president ever impeached, will not get away with rewriting the history of his legacy. in the fall of 2003, a counter clinton library is scheduled to open in little rock, ark., to set the record straight.

furthermore, it will be located just a short walk from the official clinton library that will spin the legacy, as presented by bill and hillary clinton. the counter clinton library is set to open about six months ahead of the sanitized clinton version.

john leboutillier, former congressman and current newsmax pundit, is a co-founder of the project, in partnership with independent houston businessman dick erickson, who will be co-founder and executive director.

taxpayer-supported tool to 'elect hillary president'

leboutillier sees the authorized clinton library, which he calls “the clinton lie-brary,” as “a campaign vehicle to elect hillary as the next president and to have bill clinton back living in the white house.”

you, the american taxpayer, are expected to pay the bill for clinton’s lie-brary/hillary propaganda sounding board, along with donations from “rich foreigners, including red chinese and saudis,” says leboutillier. the counter clinton library will not depend on taxpayer appropriations, but instead will rely on private donations<.

whereas the official clinton presidential center and "lie-brary" will be full of “distortions, slanders, spins and outright lies about their atrocious white house legacy,” the counter clinton library (ccl) will allow visitors leaving the nearby official spin machine to review all the scandals the clinton acolytes will ignore. as leboutillier puts it, they will have a chance to “deprogram” themselves.

there will be 16 rooms, each one named after a specific scandal or unsavory instance for which the clinton presidency will be remembered by the un-brainwashed. for example, there will be a travelgate room, number 5.

trail of trash

leboutillier’s favorite is room number 16, the exit room.

“remember how the clintons trashed the white house?” he recalled in an interview with “bush came in, and he didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. he wanted to move on.

“so they sort of did a whitewash of an investigation and left it alone. the permanent white house staff – the ushers, the people who take care of the place – they, however, wrote a 78-page for the government accounting office.”

that report will serve as the basis for the exit room, where “we’re going to re-create parts of the white house exactly as the clintons left them,” trashed, computers being ripped apart, damaged and defiled.

“we will re-create this to show, in the most vivid manner as possible, just how much damage the clintons did to ‘the people’s house,” according to ccl’s “word from founders” paper.

beyond the sleaze and criminal behavior, the greatest damage done to these united states of america by the clintons was perhaps the downgrading or trivializing america’s security.

seasoned in treason

the national insecurity hall will detail, “often in the clintons’ own words and actions as captured on video,” their “systematic destruction of our military and intelligence capability, their hatred for the military uniform and flag of the united states, their cozying up to red china, their tolerance of ‘leaking’ top secret information to our enemies — and their total devotion to undermining america’s superpower status,” the founders promise.

some might have been impressed by clinton’s recent speech, for which he received his customary $100,000, where he said if iraq crossed the jordan river, “i would join the israeli army, grab a rifle and get in the ditch and die.” the counter clinton library will remind visitors of his life-long antipathy toward military service, including his statement that he “loathed the military and all it stands for.”

the grifters

the grifter gallery will note “each and every instance of the clintons’ grubbing for money, ‘losing’ incriminating documents then suddenly ‘finding’ them, perverting the confidentiality of fbi files, selling presidential pardons for cash, using white house coffees and sleepovers to raise soft campaign money and ‘selling’ access to saturday morning presidential radio addresses for cash contributions to their campaigns.

"also the thefts and outright stealing by the clintons of white house furnishings and artwork and the deplorable looting by the clinton entourage of the uss roosevelt.”

remember the rapist

there will be a department of domestic affairs to catalog, “as has never been done before,” bill clinton’s “despicable treatment of the women he has pursued and slandered and threatened.” this will include “never-before-heard videotaped testimonies of what he did to them — and how he treated them.”

this will not be a rehash of old stuff. authors and researchers “have uncovered more violent attacks and rapes in clinton’s past and we will make those accounts available,” the ccl contemplates.

ever wonder exactly how the clinton “white house spin” was hatched? ccl librarians announce that “long-time clinton insider dick morris has agreed to donate all his secret white house agendas to the counter clinton library.”

again, new stuff here. “no one — other than the clintons themselves and morris — has ever seen these detailed plans of morris’ meetings with bill clinton as they wrote speeches together and plotted political strategy.”

the real hillary

the hall of shame will cover the unauthorized life story of hillary clinton, including such fiascoes as “her yale law school defense of black panther murderers,” as well as her “amazing cattle futures investment successes,” her plan “to nationalize health care,” and the then first lady’s role “in releasing convicted faln bombers just in time to curry favor with the puerto rican vote in new york.”

mrs. clinton’s $8 million dollar memoir is due out before too long. the ccl will counter that volume “with truth and facts.”

the counter clinton library will feature “voluminous research material — from whitewater records to the special counsel’s report to the house impeachment record — which scholars can pore over for years and get the real truth about the clintons. certainly these unflattering records will not be across the street at bill and hillary’s library.”

also to be punctured are clinton’s “total lies and exaggerations” such as his claimed credit for the 1990’s economic recovery, the explosive growth of the internet, and changes in education. the anti-propaganda pavilion “will bring in leading economists, business leaders and educators to show how bill clinton actually did more harm than good” in these and other policy areas.

the ccl will include a broadcast center where sean hannity, rush limbaugh, bill o’reilly and other radio and tv talk show hosts will be invited to broadcast their shows.

the spin stops here

other presidents and their supporters have erected libraries to store their memorabilia and offer a repository of papers for scholarly study. why then should there be a “counter” library for this particular president?

a counter clinton library is necessary, its co-founders say, because clinton wants to alter his reputation “from one of impeachment and disgrace — to one of respectability and statesmanship.” no “counter” presidential library has ever existed before “because no presidency has done so much to tear down this country.”

“our goal,” says the clinton counter library’s statement, is “to not let one clinton lie go unanswered, to not let one clinton slander go unchallenged.”

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