what not to do if you are chatting with me online and you want to meet me
(i came up with this list simply by chatting with gay "men" or sifting through their profiles)

don't not have a profile, don't not have an age in your profile, don't have a defensive profile
don't ask me to cum on over
don't be married and don't be divorced
don't have a pathetic-sounding screenname like lookin2sukunow
don't try to type out your speech patterns (ie, buh-bye or sent yah a pic or aight)
don't abbreviate an abbreviation (ie, 'ok' as 'k')
don't send me a picture of your dick to try to win me over if i am ignoring you
don't say you're however-many "years young," your complexes are showing
don't list "shopping" or "sex" as one of your hobbies
don't have limp-wristed quotes like "don't judge me if you don't know me" in your profile
don't pierce your nipples, and especially don't refer to nipples as "nips"
don't have pierced ears, one ear pierced is borderline okay
don't say "you can't love anyone if you don't love yourself" when you're a man seeking a spare
don't call yourself a boy when you're past your twenties, don't call yourself a boi regardless
don't send "???????" if i don't respond to you at once
don't tell me that you don't understand my website, like it is written in greek
don't tell me that i appear lickable
don't capitalize randomly, don't capitalize words like "gay" or "sex," "love" or "respect".
don't not realize that one can be homosexually aroused and harbor the values of this website
don't tell me that you're "rich, cute and humble," because the third doesn't gel with self-promotion
don't have a frilly profile that teems with long quotations, be them gay-affirming or not
don't use the word "fabulous"
don't use the word "gawd" instead of "god".
don't tell me your heros are women.
don't have words spoken by cher as a personal quote.
don't send me a simple "a/s/l?"
don't shave your armpits.
don't be under140 pounds.
don't be from san fransisco, you probably have a disease or two. back

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now