may 30th, 2002

the fbi came to my house today because of an email i sent to some military masculivoid, back in february. i said something like, "you will be assaulted on 2/22/02," and "your picture and my hit list is on the website". all i wanted to do was to create controversy and have lots of hits to my website. read more about this misadventure at the dylanna frank section, on the may 31 page.

yes, paxil failed me. i thought i couldn't masturbate at all if i was on it, turns out that when i thought of the sexy fbi man, i got hard. actually, the sexy fbi man asked me if i was on medication, and i told him that i never used to take it until i found that it stopped me from masturbating. and he goes, "without it, you'd masturbate all the time, i guess," or something like that. i liked talking about masturbation with the sexy fbi man.

even as i write about the sexy fbi man, i'm getting hard. he's my hero!


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