and this is but one of the reasons i have a negative predisposition towards blacks and women.

felicia middlebrooks, if you don't know, is using her two states-of-minority (a nigger and a woman) to get more money as a news anchor.

in a personal e-mail message addressed to more than 40 recipients, middlebrooks urged them to write to her bosses and threaten to quit listening to the all-news station if she doesn't receive what her agent has called a "substantial increase." she has been off the air since her contract expired tuesday.

"please do not reveal that you're being asked to do this," she wrote in her message. "just let them know you're upset."

ah, in other words, lie.

at $350,000 a year in salary and bonuses, middlebrooks, 44, already ranks as the highest paid anchor on any all-news radio station in the country and makes more than her "newsradio 780" co-anchor, pat cassidy.

and he's a white man! go figure!

but middlebrooks and her agent, darcy bouzeos, argue that she should be paid commensurate with her top ratings--and more in line with morning personalities at other stations in the market.

hmmn...and this is because...

listed at the end of her message were the names, addresses and fax numbers of dan mason, president of infinity broadcasting corp., rod zimmerman, vice president and general manager of wbbm, and drew hayes, operations director of wbbm.

under the heading "urgent request for your support," middlebrooks wrote:

"dear friends:

"i'm asking for your support. today was my last day on the air ... because i don't have a new contract. i am the first woman ever to anchor morning-drive radio for wbbm. i am also the first minority in that coveted position, which i have held for 18 years. wbbm is chicago's no. 1 station.

"it is important that i get a fair and equitable contract--or this could have very serious and negative long-term ramifications for women and/or minorities who want to succeed me. if i am removed, so will a necessary and vital voice for both women and minorities. will you support me?

long-term ramifications?! play that race-card, mama! '...a vital voice for both women and minorities'?! get over yourself, all you are is a news anchor!

"i'm asking you to e-mail, fax or write asap (e-mail or fax preferred so they get the message today or tomorrow) a short letter of concern. tell them you won't listen to wbbm anymore if i don't return! if you own a business, your stationery letterhead would be great!

"please do not reveal that you're being asked to do this. just let them know you're upset. ... i'm only asking you this so that with god's help i can work to usher in a positive change in the course of history at wbbm and the radio industry, should my bosses choose not to correct this injustice.

you dare to speak of god like he is behind you and your greedy, manipulitive ways. "injustice," my ass, it's words like that which will earn you pity, you know it and i know it...but when will society see through minorities' wicked and selfish ways?


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