it's a good thing we have our own gay games, because this year's olympics are anything but. in this day and age, why aren't more amateur athletes out of the closet?

this came straight from - no pun intended, because it shows you just what having one's head on straight means to gays. in the gay world, you can't get your jollies with your own gender without shouting about and basically advertising your closed mind, can you? what can be assumed from that quote - featured on - but that gays think that sex is everything, sex is number one priority to them, and, taking the title to one of my janet jackson parodies, "love would never do without sex". or, in this case, life would never do without sex. "why aren't more amateur athletes out of the closet," damn, maybe they've gotten out of the whole house and moved on with their lives. maybe they've grown up and grown past their individualities, to truly see and accept themselves as equal.

gays have their own olympics, "the gay games," kind of hypocritical when they're out there pissing and moaning for equality, pissing and moaning for inclusion, eh? come on, they're segregating themselves, they're snubbing the rest of the bus and willingly moving to the back of it! this is the case for all groups of minorities, they overcompensate for their low self-image with a feeling of being "too legit" to be average (they call this their "pride"), and, after flipping average joe off, they want him to embrace them and welcome them with open arms! and if he doesn't then they lable him something to the effect of a racist or a bigot. back

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