lord god, i will avenge your name

i know i wrote a page on god way-back-when, but i had to write another one after hearing about the "new bible," the politically-correct bible which makes the word more feminist-friendly by replacing words like 'sons' with 'children' and 'god, himself' with 'god, godself" (much like how lumberjack ax-competitions have accomodated the weak with lumberjill chainsaw-competitions, ahem). i felt my calling to avenge god's name.

who the fuck do feminists think they are, altering the age-old word of god to suit their flaccid egos? who the fuck do they think they are, first they "gender-neutralize" our schools and universities, now they're trying to give god himself a limp wrist!

why do you think women need chainsaws to emulate lumberjacks, it's because women are weaker than men and they flat-out cannot compare to men. the only power, the only strength that women have is bestowed upon them by the courts - they have no physical power or strength, it's all in their minds and their imaginations.

i will avenge your name, it has been corrupted in the name of "civil rights". it has been corrupted by gays who profess to be your elect, and it has been corrupted by women who profess to be your elect. lord god, i won't be silent any longer, i will avenge your name. back

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