aah, here i am, relaxing on my bed after a filling hungry man microwave lunch and a few forkfuls of north pole butter pecan ice cream. just before eating, i was at the gym that i just joined, working out. i am still not going into the locker room, gawking wide-eyed at naked men still rubs me the wrong way. anyway, i felt refreshed afterward and went to the bank and to the store with a renewed sense of confidence. the clerk that helped me looked like a peanuts character, i tend to say marcie but i think it's another one. actually, she reminds me of a girl at a depression hospital who called me snoopy.

now i am online, advertising my website in the aol gay chat rooms. i also advertise on morpheus (i trade a few hundred pictures, not only porn, with my domain up in the corner of the picture. i also trade mp3s with an ad for my domain in the filename), as well as on gay.com - though gay.com disconnects me a lot, i guess it's because i mention my anti-gay.com domain in my profile.

so, i'm chatting with a man who has a bubble butt right now. hmn, i think he's looking at my website, but he's not answered back for a little while. i guess he doesn't want anything to do with me. oh well, time to switch rooms.

i don't really know what i want to do today. as i was eating lunch i was thinking of thanking weed and seth's family for taking pictures on that tragic summer day. oh, i almost forgot, i rubbed off twice this morning. i was ashamed of it, i still am, but feeling as refreshed after the workout i know that as long as i stay active then i won't regress and masturbate.

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