it's march 8, 2002. i joined a gym yesterday, well, my friend kind of made me join. you see, i am always mumbling to myself that i "have to get a firm behind," and i guess he got tired of my not doing anything to get one.

i had an appointment at 3, but i went to the gym at around 11 just to get acquainted. i came in workout clothes, so i just went right to the workout area. i spent about 10 minutes on the treadmill, and for the last minute or so i upped the speed to 4 miles an hour...and when i got off i was totally out of breath. so i left.

i thought about going into the locker room, but i couldn't. i knew i'd be gawking at the naked men, just thinking of myself doing so made me wanna slap myself in the face. remembering the election of 2000, i joked to myself, "i'm so blank, i must have something in common with the people of flori-duh".

i think i have a phobia of locker rooms. 'phobia' as in a real fear of them, not 'phobia' as in "nyah nyah, we're gonna intimidate people into accepting homosexuality by coining our own little word and getting society to regard gay-bashers as fearful of gays when they're really only as intolerant of us as we are of them".

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