timbuc: it is not so much the whole sex thing that i am looking for, however that would be nice
seabat140: takes a bow
timbuc: it is the companionship of other men i am looking for

i feel your pain. really, i do. absence, as they say, makes the heart grow fonder...or the dick grow harder. we, as "gay" men, are so emotionally seperated from masculinity that it's just so peaceful and right to...say, be naked in the sauna with other men until we become a bunch of human prunes.

the term masculivoid, coined might i add by myself somewhere between january 1994 and april 1996, points directly to the "gay" condition because it points at the seperation that us "gay" men feel. mas-cu-li-void, nothing masculine to be found anywhere inside a person's psyche, this absence is where the age-old term "opposites attract" comes from, and this absence is why gay "men" and straight women want to date masculinity!

absent fathers and overbearing mothers can mold their male children into homosexuals, just by being absent and overbearing. too much of mom and too little of dad, femininity has been torturously ingrained in our existences while masculinity is still a curiosity. how about those unathletic and nerdy schoolboy wannabees, longing for their role models to accept them as one of their own, while having only females accept them. understand? back

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