hello. it is now november 5, 2001. i havenít added to my website in at least a month, which is amazing for me. anyway, i just am writing this page to inform you, if you donít already know, of a file-sharing program called music city morpheus. itís easily downloadable at download.com. i first started using it when i made my hard drive which stored 6 gigabytes of mp3s stop working (1500 of those mp3s were downloaded in music city, itself! well, goodlettsville, actually). you see, i love to work on computers...even though they usually stop working when i touch them.

anyway, i had to rebuild my mp3 collection and i was told about morpheus. when i realized that morpheus was more than just an mp3 thing, i started downloading programs. the first one i downloaded was norton utilities. then i found a bunch of hilarious macromedia files (download morpheus if you havenít already, install and run it, then do a search for Ďpornholioí - these files are a riot!). then i searched for mgi photosuite since my 3+ year old cd no longer worked. then i searched for windows operating systems. then word processors. then partition magic. then kingís quest and leisure suit larry games. and i found them all online!

morpheus is really a good thing, for if i could not have tried all the software titles i downloaded, then i would not have bought them out of fear theyíd be a waste of money. ahem.

my heart will go on ps: i am now using word to edit my web pages! back

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