as i've written, my friend took my unwilling self to a gym...and he thought i'd sign up. well, i did. as you may have read in places on this website, i always used gyms as gay bath-houses rather than as excersize facilities. not this one, though, i have given up on the days of gawking at other peoples' bodies in the locker room...i thought that doing so, i'd not fantasize of gyms anymore.

it is march 10, 2002, today. sunday. let me tell you about this man at the gym. he's big and strong with his hair cut very short, attributes i envied since i was in grade school, with a strong-looking face (ie, seemingly no cushioning fat). he spoke to me a few days back, he spke again a day ago, and that's enough for me to start wanting...

he acknowleged me, yay! so, yesterday i was lying on my bed with an enormus head-ache (they are really eye-aches around my damaged eye) and i started thinking about him. i wasn't thinking about his armpits or how big his dick must be, i was just thinking about knowing such a perfect specimen of manhood. now, i've used those words to describe other hunks partly in jest of that line in the rocky horror picture show, but this guy really epitomizes that line. he's so strong and manly.

so, thinking about him and all, i didn't just get hard, i got the biggest and fullest hard-on i can ever remember getting. so, i rubbed off. if that manly man didn't talk to me, though, i'd probably have gone a month without rubbing off...but i did rub off, i rubbed off with the fullest hard-on ever!

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