today i went to best buy and i saw that prince has a new album!!!! oops, lps are no longer, i still call 'em 'albums' - sue me! i actually asked for "the new prince album" at best buy! isn't it ironic?! not really, because i am still living in the 80s. well, not really, 1983-1992 actually. my school days, 3rd grade til 12th grade.

of course, i did not buy prince's new "album" at best buy, heck no, what do you think i am?! crazy?! er, don't answer that! nosiree, i got home and downloaded it offa kazaa. and, as always, i am writing this webpage using front page from office 2000 which was also downloaded offa kazaa (morpheus, actually).

i feel i am downloading prince's new album as we speak! er, as i type! oh, there was something else i wanted to put into my diary for today...i can't seem to remember what it was, though. oh well...i slept most of the time today, my paxil and zyprexa pills make me sleep a lot. i'd stop taking them if they weren't what was making me feel too contented to masturbate...well, rub off. it's april 6th today and i haven't rub-er-bated for about a half-a-month so far oh, i changed my screen resolution too...for the longest time, i have been at 800x600 resolution - but for the last few days i have been at 1024x768 or whatever the next one is.

geesh, this new prince music isn't very memorable. er, maybe i am not giving it much of a chance, after all, i am typing as i listen. well, i guess i'll go now. toodles. back

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