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jesse jackson's allies have had weeks to try to debunk kenneth timmerman's "shakedown," and much to their dismay they cannot dispute one fact. instead they keep attacking the messenger. on fox news channel's "hannity & colmes" tonight, jackson himself, as usual, refused to appear, but crony ron daniels and liberal co-host alan colmes kept harping that timmerman reported only about jackson's negative qualities. how strange that when some leftist writes a book attacking a conservative, his fellow travelers have no problem with that. timmerman challenged the pair to point out one untrue thing in the book. they could not. colmes tried to claim that the corporate blackmailer jackson promoted "social justice," a term used by the left to denote one socialist scheme or another. timmerman scoffed. though colmes said he was not trying to defend jackson, daniels was open about praising jackson's extortion schemes, which he dubbed "economic sanctions." "if that's a shakedown, we need more shakedowns," he actually said. timmerman pointed out that the "reverend" was in large part a creation of the "white liberal media." jackson's shakedowns enriched jackson and his lackeys, not blacks in general, the author noted. back

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