it was one of those days. i was home alone, i had no money so i couldn't do anything outside of the house, i was just lying on my bed watching other morpheus users upload advertisements for my website in the form of mp3 files and porn pictures. time passed, and i got thinking about armpit hair and masculinity in general...then i found myself longing for something else, something different. a playmate? close...

she didn't even knock at the door, i didn't even let her in, she just appeared. in my imagination, that is. see, there was this time in a philly hotel room when i came the closest i've ever come to hiring a prostitute. and, heterosexuality being something i've never practiced, i've always asked myself the question, "what if". the question usually morphed itself into some type of heterosexual fantasy.

as i was saying, she just appeared. she looked amazingly like a girl i once knew, stef, whose somewhat perverted sexual explicitness easily got me giggling hysterically. for example, we were both in a play called barefoot in the park. i remember one day we were backstage goofing off as the two leads were practicing onstage. anyway, if memory serves me correctly, there was a scene where the male lead made reference to a hole in the skylight, and the female lead shouted the words, "it's a little hole". well, as stef and i were most probably trying to stifle our laughter over one thing or another, stef loses control and utters those exact words, "it's a little hole," and, knowing exactly what her dirty mind was thinking, i too lost control and probably fell over in hysterics.

back to the present. (yes, by this time i was rubbing myself up against the mattress) the computer on, i did a search for 'lust cunt' and started clicking on the results. i tried to find me a picture like the one i remember from a 1991 penthouse magazine, a close-up of a spread eagle through a pair of ripped denim shorts which i took a liking to and which served as a regular masturbatory image throughout that summer. i couldn't find one easily, so i just got back to imagining.

i got to actually humping the mattress, instead of just rubbing up against it, after i actually became almost fully erect...which was about fifteen seconds before i came. i'm a quick cummer. so i was humping the imaginary slut beneath me, when along came the same spider that frightened miss muffet away from her tuffet. seriously, i was humping the slut beneath me...ass up dick out, ass down dick in...when, as my ass went up, someone's dick went in! damn, get the hell out of my ass...i thought about shaking him off me and out of my fantasy, but i figured i spent a pretty long time alone with the girl...five seconds sandwiched between her and a faceless man couldn't hurt. besides, i was just about to shoot my wad...


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