ach. i am somewhat disappointed in myself. there i was, lying on the bed with the mousepad on my chest and the keyboard propped up against my legs...for lack of anything better to do i was signing pro-gay guestbooks with an ad for this site. eventually, i became disinterested in that and i was longing for my roommate to come back. he would be gone all day, as he was every sunday, leaving me to my own devices (uh oh).

i remember thinking to myself, "i'm so bored with everything, that i'm not even gonna be able to get hard enough to pass the time with masturbation". i just felt, for lack of a better word, 'blah'. i didn't feel like driving, i didn't have anything to write about, i just felt so hopeless. "shit, what the hell," i said and started to rub my pee-pee under my pants. i started thinking about the big and strong blond man who was walking in front of me when i was at the grocery store. his behind must have been a firm behind, by the way, he was my superhero.

anyway, i soon rolled over and pulled my semi-erect pee-pee from my trousers. i didn't want to rub off inside my nice trousers like i do in my jeans, because cum seeps through trousers and makes a big wet spot on the outside. so i laid my pee-pee near the end of my comforter and folded the end of the comforter over top my pee-pee. and i started thrusting.

i don't have to think about much of anything while i am masturbating, i just love the way it feels to be thrusting into something as soft as my comforter. this time, though, i began thinking of my webhost. i do not know anything about him (ie, his age, his looks, etc), but the reason i was fantasizing about him was because he is my hero. and this is because he hosts my politically-incorrect website, despite all the complaints he said he gets. i had searched high and low for a webhost who would host my website after the first host dropped me, i searched long-and-hard, i was so helpless that i started looking into starting my own t3 hosting service just because nobody wanted my site!

anyway, i don't even know if he likes the website, but i was fantasizing about him because he makes me feel loved simply by continuing to host my site! i don't know how old he is, but it's like he's my big brother walking side-by-side with me, putting his big strong hairy forearm across my shoulders and encouraging me.

oh yeah, i think i came on thought of a bushy armpit! hairy armpits - probably the biggest masculivoid i have, mainly because it wasn't until i was 16 when i started getting hair there. seeing all my classmates' hairy armpits in the locker room after gym class always made me soooo jealous.

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