i was alone in a "why gay is uncool" chatroom with my "to be gay" screenname, solely to advertise my site in my profile, and these nitwits came along (i didn't start cutting and pasting immediately):

nusdcaguy: anyone has the right to have whatever opinion they want....
ffbot4yngdallas: good just don't forceit on me

you cyber-strutted into this chatroom on your own, i didn't force you in.

kawaiplayer46: as long as they don't step on our rights

...poor poor pitiful me

thumper3029: tell em ff
nusdcaguy: exactly
thumper3029: we have the same rights as everyone else
nusdcaguy: but why force yours on others
ffbot4yngdallas: thumper does that mean what i think
nusdcaguy: we do
nusdcaguy: at least i feel i have the same rights as others
decaturtop: well, guys, time for me to sleep
decaturtop: ask to be if he approves of the american revolution <g>
nusdcaguy: not a good analogy at all
kawaiplayer46: he thinks discrimination against minorities is just fine.....part of life

notice the specification 'against minorities' and draw your own conclusions

nusdcaguy: discrimination is a part of life.....it happens every day to lots of people
nusdcaguy: and not just people that you would describe as minorities
hcakrl: 17~f @~~>~~
nusdcaguy: what about handicapped.....or short....or fat....etc
nusdcaguy: it is just a fact of life
thumper3029: so you guys are all a bunch of anti gay group
nusdcaguy: i am not
nusdcaguy: i am gay
kawaiplayer46: doesn't mean it's right just because it's part of life......hitler was part of life once

homosexuality is a part of life, too

nusdcaguy: human nature is not fair or just
hcakrl: i dont think we should hate gay ppl
kawaiplayer46: true......but why not make an effort to improve life?

improving life for the anti-gay groups would not improve your life, would it?
think about someone other than yourself...oh, sorry - you're gay

nusdcaguy: it is purely a form of darwinism
vaprof23andchang: wtf is this all about?
vaprof23andchang: darwinism?
vaprof23andchang: social darwinism? here now?
kawaiplayer46: read the profile of to be gay
vaprof23andchang: yeah right douchebag
nusdcaguy: the weak and different
nusdcaguy: discrimination happens
thumper3029: well if everyone would look passed the sexuality we would have no problems what people do in there bedrooms is there business not anyone else's
nusdcaguy: it will always be there
vaprof23andchang: so what?
nusdcaguy: i agree thumper
vaprof23andchang: discrimination happens, so do forest fires....
thumper3029: so will war and color we can't change just because you want us to
vaprof23andchang: we don't just stand around calling it darwinism
kawaiplayer46: life can be improved for certain groups......as it has for women, blacks, gays, etc

but look at the lies that have come about just to deem minorities as "equal":
1) <-- yes, that is a "strong" woman...look at those biceps!
2) ebonics
3) "god made us in his image, therefore homosexuality is divine"

nusdcaguy: but it is not like people are following us to our bedrooms and watching
thumper3029: exactly
kawaiplayer46: oh yeah......tell that to the two lovers arrested for sodomy in their own bedroom
thumper3029: and the reason why is because they want to see what it looks like and when they see the happiness they get mad because they can't find there own happiness

blame, blame, blame...i once saw an interview with madonna, she did the same to defend her controversies.

nusdcaguy: bull
thumper3029: and they make others upset so they can feel better about themselves

blame, blame, blame..."you're the one with the problem," said madonna

ffbot4yngdallas: true
nusdcaguy: the main problem is and has always been religion
ffbot4yngdallas: not religion but the people

the people following the anti-gay word of the lord

vaprof23andchang: to be gay?
vaprof23andchang: comments?
nusdcaguy: people hide bhind it and use it to control how people think

and minorities hide behind past oppressions and use them in much the same way

thumper3029: lol
thumper3029: that'sright
thumper3029: if we are all made in god's vision
(image, is the word you're looking for, nitwit) than who are you to tell me god didn't want gay people

who are you to tell me god didn't want alcoholic people?

ffbot4yngdallas: love god not fear

that's classic. "don't fear god, just love him"

sharpenit: hey guys
nusdcaguy: i believe in equal rights....but i disagree with affirmative action....special rights does not= equal rights
thumper3029: that part of the bible about god hating gay' s was written by a man to make us fear god

that's classic. "...by a man," he says like men are public enemy #1 and he will have no part of manhood

nusdcaguy: i didn't say that
whats wrong with guys having sex?
nusdcaguy: nothing
nusdcaguy: i do it all the time
ffbot4yngdallas: sodom is about unfriendly hateful streights not homo

"unfriendly and hateful...waaaaaaah!"

kawaiplayer46: not a thing.........it's great!
sharpenit: good answer ff
kawaiplayer46: make love, men.......not war

i cringe when gays call themselves men

nusdcaguy: i have to say one thing though
sharpenit: sounds like most ou guys think gay is ok
kawaiplayer46: gay is fine........it's who we are

i was born a dope addict

nusdcaguy: my experiences with people like us is that we discriminate more than others
ffbot4yngdallas: i think as god does

gays have their own god, and she (notice the gender) is just plain fabricated

nusdcaguy: well...as much as others
kawaiplayer46: all human beings are discrimatory is one way or another
nusdcaguy: maybe not more
nusdcaguy: exactly
kawaiplayer46: discriminatory
ffbot4yngdallas: he is as concerned about gays as jesus was
ffbot4yngdallas: he = god

jesus may have failed to concern himself with homosexuality, that doesn't negate the father's anti-gayness

kawaiplayer46: but some groups are not treated as well as others in this world'
sharpenit: you guys all religious?
nusdcaguy: well..i guess that is fine if you believe in that stuff
kawaiplayer46: not here, sharp
sharpenit: not here either
nusdcaguy: not at all
sharpenit: but very moral.
kawaiplayer46: religion is the root of much suffering in this world

that's because nobody wants to follow rules

sharpenit: and i think hot gay sex is great!

"goo-goo - me want happy!"
kawaiplayer46: i've not felt anything better, sharp
nusdcaguy: religious beliefs are just so unbelievable and antiquated

i feel the same way about slavery, capice?

ffbot4yngdallas: no
kawaiplayer46: people use their religious beliefs to impose suffering and discrimination on others

lordy-six, lordy-six, look who's...seven?

ffbot4yngdallas: most religions have the same core beliefs
ffbot4yngdallas: love

unconditional love, to gays, means unconditional praise...or unconditional tolerance

sharpenit: took me a long time to realize that kawai
kawaiplayer46: but most religions do not practice love and caring for their fellow man
ffbot4yngdallas: it's the fucking rr preachers that pervert the message

gays don't have to please god to earn his love

nusdcaguy: what about the catholics and mormons
ffbot4yngdallas: hate and fear brings in more money
sharpenit: yeah religion helps some people..also destroys others.like lots of gays guys minds

god likes sinful minds to be cleansed...or "destroyed"

ffbot4yngdallas: catholics and mormans the same
kawaiplayer46: it's a shame what religion has done to gays throughout the world

made them think twice?

nusdcaguy: so basically there are no religions that are good?
ffbot4yngdallas: it's our turn . who else is left to hate
sharpenit: there all good.just not real....
kawaiplayer46: i see no organized religion that has done anything to cause people to accept gay people

take a hint

nusdcaguy: not as a whole
nusdcaguy: scattered churches
ffbot4yngdallas: there are a n;umber of religions that do
nusdcaguy: but not a whole religion
nusdcaguy: really like which ones?
sharpenit: sure have made lots of people suffer
kawaiplayer46: not christians as a whole, not muslims, not jews........who then?
ffbot4yngdallas: god is not out there somewhere. not in religion, church, rules

that's classic. "no rules, just right," eh?

sharpenit: you guys think if there were no religion.gay would be accepted?

you haven't really absorbed this website, have you?

kawaiplayer46: what religion has helped society accept gay men and women?

is that what makes a religion righteous?

sharpenit: none
kawaiplayer46: not a one
sharpenit: only cause hate


kawaiplayer46: people form their own religions, sharp, and use their religion to persecute others

somebody oughtta start a "victimized, anonymous" type support-group

sharpenit: too bad huh.lots of good people get fooled
ffbot4yngdallas: you will find god within yourself.
my mcjesus religion should teach that but, it is a matter of controll and power
nusdcaguy: i think for me it is more that religion just seems so silly to me...

"no rules, just right for 5 year-olds like me"

sharpenit: not to most people tho
nusdcaguy: very unbelievable.....almost as believable as santa
sharpenit: lol..i believe in santa..
sharpenit: lol
nusdcaguy: yeah yeah yeah
sharpenit: any str8 guys in here?
kawaiplayer46: married guy here, sharp.........but bi
sharpenit: man we drove em all out huh?
sharpenit: married here too
ced yme: str8 here so far
sharpenit: and str8
kawaiplayer46: haven't had a taste yet, huh ced?
ced yme: not yet
kawaiplayer46: how about you, sharp?
sharpenit: sort of getsme going thinkingof it tho
sharpenit: sort of taboo
sharpenit: but sexy
ced yme: i love looking at nudes of men though
kawaiplayer46: how old are you guys?
sharpenit: 27
ced yme: 36
kawaiplayer46: hmmm........i had experienced gay sex by 18

once a masculivoid, always a masculivoid

ced yme: wow
sharpenit: thought about it ced?
ced yme: yes
sharpenit: hot thinking aout huh?
ced yme: oh yes
sharpenit: be cool to have a great buddy,ust to hold feel him

to feel what a real man feels like

ced yme: maybe
kawaiplayer46: i had a male lover for 4 years
sharpenit: cool
sharpenit: cool
sharpenit: what you think about ced?
ced yme: giving oral
southernboi81: it's good to be gay
kawaiplayer46: right on, southern
southernboi81: who started this chat room
sharpenit: cool.....ever almost done it?
ced yme: yes almost
kawaiplayer46: don't know, southern
southernboi81: obviously the one who did has never been with another man
southernboi81: cause it is fabulous
sharpenit: bet you were turnedon huh?
ced yme: sure
sharpenit: recently?
southernboi81: anyway later
kawaiplayer46: hi greg
greg71486: whats up
kawaiplayer46: not much........you?
kawaiplayer46: you gay or str8?

such a question seems so inappropriate to ask, seeing as how greg just joined that chat...
...but that's gays for you

kawaiplayer46: hi dc
greg71486: str8
kawaiplayer46: cool
kawaiplayer46: be what you are and be proud, gay or str8

or a cocaine addict

greg71486: u?
kawaiplayer46: bi back

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