aids is nothing to waste money on, trying to find a cure for.

the reason neither i nor god has any sympathy for the plights of people with aids, is that only the impure can get aids. ok, so the inpure may have children who were born with it, but that is the fault of the parents. like father, like son.

only the impure can get aids. aids is transferred through blood, be that by druggies' injections or thrillseekers 'love'lives, aids victims are a bunch of lushes. stop donating your hard-earned money to aids research, the only thing a cure for aids can possibly do is promote these types of addicted fiends. princess diana wasn't killed in a car accident, i believe that she was murdered by the driver because of her sad pity for aids victims. i believe diana's murder was in god's will.

sympathy should not be given to people withering away with the aids virus. they brought it upon themselves. 'a cquired' i ndicates d eliberate, s econdhand...asses inquire of dollars, not sense.

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