i was in an akron m4m chat room one morning, so i cut and pasted.

masculivoid 1: happy vd day room
masculivoid 2: why isn't anyone chattin todayare ya all lookin for your new bf
masculivoid 2: or maybe a new one?
masculivoid 2: lol
masculivoid 3: we just had huge fight in here
masculivoid 3: some twink from ytown
masculivoid 2: ahhhhhhhh
masculivoid 2: in regards to what?
masculivoid 3: sayin str8 people should not go to gay bars
masculivoid 2: ahhhhh
masculivoid 3: so in that since gay people should not go to str8 places... bunk!
masculivoid 3: he had issues

(gays love to play doctor, label themselves perfect by labeling others as faulty)

masculivoid 2: "them"????
masculivoid 2: we are refering to straight people as them and we are "us" now?

(you don't want equality, look in the news, you want homosexuality on a pedestal)

masculivoid 2: i go to the straight bars with my sister on occasion and see how straight guys dance

(don't ya love how gays capitalize everything relating to themselves?)

masculivoid 2: like machines
masculivoid 2: they just need to loosen up
masculivoid 1: yes

(gays dance "better" than straights because they wanna show off, they're full of themselves)

masculivoid 2: as a matter of fact they kinda dance like lesbians do
masculivoid 2: lol\
masculivoid 1: true
masculivoid 3: but boy can those lesbians play softball!!
masculivoid 2: yeppers!
masculivoid 2: but they always get hurt
masculivoid 2: lol
masculivoid 3: kick gayboys asses

(i won't call me or any gay males "men" - call me cleopatra, everybody, cuz i'm the queen of denial)

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masculivoid 2: always have braces on their knees
masculivoid 2: gayboys are good with another type of balls

(gayboys gawk at everything male because masculinity is an uncharted territory to them)

masculivoid 2: lol
masculivoid 2: sorry that was crass
masculivoid 1: thats true to
masculivoid 1: lol
masculivoid 2: most gayboys don't like to get dirty
masculivoid 2: i like to myself
masculivoid 2: but then again im not a typical gay

(pat yourself on the head)

masculivoid 1: your one in a million
masculivoid 2: thanks dixi
masculivoid 2: i think lol
masculivoid 1: a very nice person, not like some people in here
masculivoid 1: lol
masculivoid 2: i don't see the point in being mean to anyone is all

(a few lines down he'll call some men that he's been with 'losers')

masculivoid 2: what does it get you anyway
masculivoid 1: it comes back to you,,, when you are
masculivoid 2: well don't know about that
masculivoid 2: i have been with a few real losers and didn't think i deserved it

(you didn't deserve it? fuckhead, you're a loser because you don't wanna face life alone)

masculivoid 2: lol
masculivoid 4: we've all had our share of losers

("i don't see the point in being mean to anyone is all")

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