today i was channel surfing since i finally got my tv tuner card working and i passed by espn. lumberjack-type men were competing to see which one could cut through a tree stump with an axe the fastest. you should've seen these men, they were so big and strong!

er, breaking from my fantasy...anyway, the next thing were these female 'lumberjacks' competing to see who could cut through a tree stump with a chainsaw the fastest. haha, what nimrods. you're not doing too much for the womens' movement with that one. "nyah nyah, whatever you can do i can do better if i have a chainsaw".

so don't buy the lies that the media is feeding us, you know the 'woman power' type lies - no matter how much the media puts women in the limelight and men in the background if anywhere at all, the truth is that women are runts who need their 'power' to be regulated because it is far from real.

you wonder why i am so "mean" to wish harm against runts everywhere, it is because of this. it is because they are feeding lies to the world, it is because they are living in the land of make believe, it is all because they are jealous of men and angry that men are god's and competency's elect.

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