this is from a day i opened an 'antigay cyberstar' chat room and i left the computer on all day to market my site, while i was out trying to find a kenwood z919 car cd player. when i got home in the middle of the long long chat, i just watched the chat, cut and pasted. gotta do this more often...that is if aol doesn't terminate my account for hurting whining minorities' feelings.

ps, i couldn't use the term 'masculivoid' for all of em, cuz they didn't all feel incomplete without a man.

this is the way we use the fags, use the fags, use the fags, this is the way we use the fags when they are out to scorn me. here follows the first five hours:

onlinehost: *** you are in "town square - theantigay cyberstar". ***

queerbait 1: so, do you invite comments on your views?

queerbait 2: so why are you so against gays?

capitalize it to make the runts feel better and stronger than humble straights!!!

queerbait 3: hey

queerbait 3: hello room...

queerbait 4: hey

queerbait 5: mornin

queerbait 6: i like what ur profile has to say

queerbait 7: hi

queerbait 8: what are you all about?

queerbait 9: hi

queerbait 9: a/s/l

he's asking my age/sex/location...common in the gay rooms...yes i'm a predator

queerbait 10: wanna cyber?

queerbait 11: so does this mean you are not interested in buying my soiled briefs?

queerbait 11: well if you change your mind let me knonw

lesboid 1: hiya sissypoo************888888

lesboid 1's lover: hiya sissy :)

lesboid 1's lover: ::kissing her deep and long::

i see right through you

lesboid 1: i know the surroundings are a bit icky..but we'll make the best of it

"we know we're not wanted but we've got much to prove, gay pride is spite"

lesboid 1's lover: okies

lesboid 1: :::ticking her toes with my tongue through her mouth:::

if that's not a flimsy 'in your face' tactic or 'hate speech' towards me, then what is?

lesboid 1's lover: giggles

sex fiends, "the dykes are losers and debtors, they see taboo in beverly's teats"

lesboid 1: ya know what really bothers me sissy??

lesboid 1's lover: what bother you sis

lesboid 1's lover: knows what really bother me

lesboid 1: when people are so quick to cast judgement on others

lesboid 1: wasnt it the bible that said "let ye without sin cast the first stone"?

the westboro baptist church clears this one up

lesboid 1's lover: yes it does

lesboid 1's lover: and it also say love they neaighbor as thy self

the westboro baptist church clears this one up too (though wbc can spell)

lesboid 1: or "people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones"

look who's talking

lesboid 1's lover: true

lesboid 1: or when people judge those they know nothing about

i don't "judge" strangers, i "judge" those whose words i hear or see typed

masculivoid: wow, talk about odd room names,..

lesboid 1's lover: to love and truly love is the most pure gift one could ever receive

you're so into making yourself seem blessed and angelic, satan is the master of lies

lesboid 1: odd yes.. sickening. definately yes

lesboid 1's lover: i think this room should be tossed

cuz it goes against your pleasure principle? dabba dabba!!!

lesboid 1's lover: and the person who opened it shot like the dog they are

nah, queers don't not practice the 'love all' virtues that they preach

masculivoid: whose is it?

lesboid 1: i do believe the dotorg is in violation of tos regulations.. dont you sissy??

"i do believe" you can't get any higher on yourself

lesboid 1: it is the sick child of queersdotorg

lesboid 1: he is anti gay.. in case you havent read his profile

haha, capitalize it...keep on overcompensating

lesboid 1's lover: i think this whole antigay stuff will he him a nice place in hell

sure, according to the lord you've morphed into 'my mcjesus'

lesboid 1: he also has his own lil hate website against gays too

lesboid 1: but.. it seems he isnt man enough to have an open discussion... but closed mindes usually d

"i do believe" i've been told what you'd have to say many many times

lesboid 1's lover: hello gwm..please come in and chat awhile :)

lesboid 1: hello gwm.. i'm chris.. nice to meet you:)(

masculivoid 2: thanx...

masculivoid: and he doesn't speak?

lesboid 1's lover: no he doesn't

lesboid 1: no ryot.. not a word...

lesboid 1's lover: he is ashamed of himself

aaaaah!! rape! violation!! don't judge me if you don't know me!!!

lesboid 1's lover: he should have never opened this room

masculivoid 3: have you read his web pages?

lesboid 1's lover: i don't give that kind of time to such a low person

gotta protect your pride-facades

lesboid 1: yes i have gwm.. and i have already notified the authorities about them

run to mommy and daddy!!! waaaaaaaah! i can't take criticism!!!

masculivoid 3: he seems very mixed up...which is too bad...

say it to feel better: "he's the one with the problem"

lesboid 1's lover: well, it is not for us to judge, but he is just a hateful mind

and the writers of the play about a gay jesus aren't hateful?

masculivoid: hey, no authorities will do anything

masculivoid 3: that's real trun ryot...

masculivoid 2: true

masculivoid: don't get me wrong, he sounds like someone who should be put out of his misery

are you threatening me?!??!?!

lesboid 1's lover: we can send them to term of service and they will be removed

i don't doubt gay o l will cancel my account for insulting whiners

masculivoid: but he has the right to express his bigoted beliefs

please click 'queer commentary ii' and 're: hate' for my response

lesboid 1: ryot... hate websites are against the law

hate is no adjective! i'm not forcing you to read it, dare your feelings be hurt

masculivoid 2: he's not a bigot...just very confused...

say it again! point fingers, "he's the one with the problem!!"

masculivoid: if he wasn't allowed to have his horrible say, then gay web pages shouldn't be allowed eithe

lesboid 1's lover: beliefs are one thing openly express hate is another


masculivoid: r

masculivoid: but that';s what he believes

masculivoid: it happens to be disgusting

and masculivoids aren't patheticly and insufficiently so?

lesboid 1: the web is a big place ryot.. hard to monitor all the time

masculivoid: but it's still his oipinion

lesboid 1's lover: never seem a gay website openlu hate..have you sis?

gays are known for scorning god, parents, tradition, morals, shall i go on?

masculivoid: opinion*

lesboid 1: no sis

masculivoid2: well, has anyone tried talking to him?

masculivoid: as much as we're allowed to have our opinion that he is sick, he can have his

lesboid 1's lover: his opinion suckks and is why there is so much wrong in the world today

seems there are as many definitions of 'wrong' as there are 'right'

masculivoid: it's the way the system works

masculivoid2: hey qdot...r u there?

masculivoid: nah

masculivoid: i im'ed him, he's silent

lesboid 1's lover: well that leaves it up to us to spread the news that love will

lesboid 1's lover: always be more powerful than hate

you're hating me by invading my anti-gay room!

masculivoid2: that's true venus!!!!!!!!!

lesboid 1's lover: thank you gwm :)

masculivoid2: hopefully, he'll get that message....

lesboid 1's lover: dought it..he has a pee brain

ok...go and misspell two words while you're calling me a peabrain

lesboid 1: shoving my tongue down my sissies throat cuz i

i see right through your gay agenda in an anti-gay room, bully

lesboid 1: even if my new nails mess up my typing

lesboid 1's lover: ::kissin her back and tickling her in all the right places::

i see right through you

masculivoid2: gotta run ... c'yall

lesboid 1's lover: luv those tatas sis :)

masculivoid: ::watching intently::

masculivoid: =p

lesboid 1: oh.. and queersdotcom... for the record.. i'm not gay

satanism is not limited to homosexuals

lesboid 1: i

lesboid 1: i

lesboid 1's lover: bi sexual

lesboid 1: i'm bisexual

lesboid 1's lover: and proud

"let's fake pride to cover our blues"

lesboid 1: very proud

proud of what, you low 'i am not every woman' esteem?

lesboid 1: heck... we got 100% of the population covered:)

lesboid 1's lover: lol

lesboid 1's lover: sure do :)

lesboid 1: queersdotorg... should you ever feel you would like to have

lesboid 1's lover: except for hateful bogots like the silent jerk there

regarding 'bigots,' refer to 'queer commentary ii' and then 're: hate'

lesboid 1: an intelligent, honest and adult conversation about this

lesboid 1: feel free to talk to me.... i never block my ims

lesboid 1's lover: me either

lesboid 1's lover: and never about hate

you use 'hate' like a whining child, you have a limited mentality like all queers

lesboid 1's lover: ::kicks the silent bigot::

say it: "i shall love all, but i'll hate those who don't agree with me"

lesboid 1's lover: lol

lesboid 1: lol.. i'll tell ya in bed when ya get here

lesboid 1's lover: woohoo under the covers

lesboid 1's lover: in between lil licks

speaking minds of pervert rations

lesboid 1: honestly queers... dont waste your energy on something as negative as hate

i'll stop hating q when q stops hating christ, reality, normalcy

lesboid 1's lover: getting wet thinkin about it

i see right through you

lesboid 1: hate begats hate

try learning how to spell

lesboid 1's lover: true..sooo very true

lesboid 1: :::wigglin in my seat:::

masculivoid4: afternoon all

lesboid 1: hello older

lesboid 1's lover: hello older4

masculivoid4: hi vix, hi venus

masculivoid4: is this a gay bash room?

lesboid 1's lover: well i think it was suppose to be

when you assume, you make an ass out of you an me (thanks, skygod)

lesboid 1's lover: but chris and i have turned it to love

gays show no respect to their own gender, they don't know love

masculivoid4: well that is good

lesboid 1: i dont bash... not my style

just because homos say they don't 'bash,' don't mean they're all good

lesboid 1's lover: ::kicks he bigot queer again::

is that not 'hate speech'? queers are hypocrites

masculivoid4: great news

lesboid 1: we're trying to educate queersdotorg... but its not working

educate me to the "legitimacy" of homosexuality? like it matters

lesboid 1's lover: i don't bash..just kick :)

my anti-hatred soul wants to inflict pain on this 'basher'

lesboid 1's lover: did you read his web pages?

masculivoid4: yes, i di

masculivoid4: sad isnt it

lesboid 1: im curious.... how can you hate a whole group of people you have never met???

how can you hate the smell of all shit, you've only smelt a few peoples'?

lesboid 1's lover: terriblle isn't it

powergirl43: gay men only click here!

lesboid 1's lover: llaffin

lesboid 1's lover: you go powergirl

lesboid 1's lover: lol

lesboid 1: lmaooo... how ironic

lesboid 1's lover: bbet ya ole queers clicked it

lesboid 1's lover: lolol

masculivoid4: nope, i didnt

lesboid 1's lover: i didn't mean you older

masculivoid4: im gay

lesboid 1's lover: i mean the silent bigot

again, refer to 'queer commentary ii' and 're: hate' for 'bigotry'

lesboid 1: i wish he would at least open up some dialog.. but he just remains silent

so you can get a thrill in your own wee mind, by telling me your "truths"?

masculivoid4: not a queer , but gay

lesboid 1's lover: i'm bisexual

lesboid 1: i'm bi myself

lesboid 1's lover: inlove with chris

lesboid 1: and for the record.... i'm also a submissive

lesboid 1's lover: yep!! can't wait till the 30th

masculivoid4: i feel he is wrong but he does have every right to his feelings

lesboid 1's lover: hate is not a justified feeling..sorry i don't agree

hate is a whiner's noun, but it seems like you're too weak to take opposition

lesboid 1's lover: no matter what you will always come back 3 fold on you

oh, so we're into what we can't see? okay, then god's gonna get ya

lesboid 1: you are right.... he does...but to dedicate so much of your energy towards hate

'hate' is a whiner's noun

lesboid 1: will bring you back... nothing but hate.. he is in a lose lose situation

this is the way we promote facades of homosexual righte'sness

masculivoid4: i am not justifieng it. but he has every right to his opinion

phony dufus, learn to spell

masculivoid4: maybe he is dealing with his own situations

point the finger, blame!!! say it, "he's the one with the problem!!"

lesboid 1: i know you're not.. neither am i.. just trying to help him actually

"he's the one with the problem!!!"

lesboid 1's lover: so, you believe in his right to hate you because of who and

lesboid 1's lover: what you are without any justifcation?

i have years and years of justification, be that gay lovers or gay chatrooms

masculivoid4: i am sure he is a good person, just has a wrong idea about a person or persons.

masculivoid4: yes, i do. i dont agree with it of course, but he does not know any better

say it, sell it!!! pity me because i am as clueless as fags everywhere!

lesboid 1's lover: could be...but that would be like me saying i hate dogs

lesboid 1: he is mis-informed and that is sad

misinformed why, because my anti-gay taunts make too much sense?!

masculivoid4: yes i agree

masculivoid4: has he spoken at all to yal?

lesboid 1: not a word

lesboid 1's lover: he is silent

lesboid 1: i've been trying to open dialog.. but he wont

masculivoid4: i must intimidate him, i tried earlier to talk with him, but he wouldn't.

"i must intimidate him," okay, we all have delusions in our heads

lesboid 1's lover: because he can

lesboid 1: i'm a 5'2 female from nj... i cant possibly intimidate him

lesboid 1's lover: oops

lesboid 1: i cant intimidate my dog

masculivoid4: lol

masculivoid4: well ladies, it has been fun chatting with you. thanks for your support.

lesboid 1: i am a firm believer in "what goes around comes around"

masculivoid4: touche'

lesboid 1's lover: you are most welcome older :)

lesboid 1: and i am scared for him when his comes around... just trying to help him

sing it, sing it!!! "pat! my! self on the head!"

lesboid 1's lover: it was a pleasure to meet you

lesboid 1: older. twas a pleasure and honor meeting you:)

masculivoid4: thank you ladies, have a great day

lesboid 1: sissy im outta here too.. gonna go cook for my babies

lesboid 1's lover: okies sis

lesboid 1's lover: i love you!

lesboid 1: queersdotcom... think about what weve said... save the judging for god

that seems to be queer's favorite retort, 'save the judging for god'
i practiced what i preach against, that is not judgement.
as someone who played the character of a satanic god once said:
"you live, you learn"

lesboid 1: i love you too sissy..... more than you know

lesboid 1: call me when you get offline

lesboid 1's lover: ok sis. will do

lesboid 1: poof

lesboid 1's lover: kissing her deep

i see right through your gay agenda in an anti-gay room

check out my site, , unless you're there now