"is he gay, why don't you ask him," and "being gay is not a choice," the 'men' who said these things are really so bound by the pleasure principle.

being sexually attracted to members of either sex usually is not a choice, for only after you've grown to feel that masculinity or femininity is a legitimate part of you is when you're not going to feel outcasted enough to feel a desire to get to know men or women better.

"being gay is not a choice," said the fag like homosexuality is as physical as anybody's left foot. truth is, homosexuality is not physical, it's all in one's mind. no gene can be placed inside you while you're in the womb that is going to dictate to you what you're not going to completely understand, which gender is going to leave you answered with a question mark, which gender you're going to want to be close to. because until you're out of the womb and your brain starts functioning, you don't know what masculinity or femininity is!

physical attraction is only an unexplainable mystery to those who can't make sense of themselves. or to those who feel the insufficient shame that any homosexually aroused person should feel, but who use the big genetics scam as something to save face.

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