a few aollers have called my site "cotradictory". okay, only one called it "cotradictory," but everyone else spelled it incorrectly. now, if it's "cotradictory" because when i'm on aol i am a gay sexual predator like all the rest of the gays, how can they take my 'chat' seriously after seeing the 'aol chats' section of this website. if it's "cotradictory" because in some parts of the site i'm "celebrating" my homosexual attraction with songs about my lust for armpit hair and songs about how i'd screw dastardly every king who wants fun, how could they not take that as self-ridicule designed to ridicule the homosexual community?

just because a lot of the site may seem pro-gay on the surface, doesn't mean the site isn't anti-gay through and through. oh, then there are my real videos, where i was gawking at truck drivers and speaking like a masculivoid through and through. why did i put that on an anti-gay site? don't really have a reason, but i guess it gives you a glimpse into my life and shows you that i don't hate myself and that i'm not miserable and uptight around myself. like fags profess me to be. i guess it shows you that i don't take myself too seriously, that i don't take something as surface as lust seriously at all.

so, there you have it. this site is anti-gay throughout. not all are able to see it that way, because it's not always as obvious as "if you wanna believe there's nothing detrimental to a masculine soul, about finding security, fulfillment, and something excitably taboo in another one, it's your loss".

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now