"only a man knows what a man likes," said one masculivoid in a gay chat one night, "women only guess".

so i guess the only way they can defend homosexuality's name is to bring up the pleasure principle that they should have grown out of before calling themselves adults. "only a man knows what a man likes," yeah by saying that it is obvious that the homosexuals' mentality is not madly obsessed with pleasure to the point where yippee-thrills are the predominate things if not the only things that matter in a relationship between two people. and you call yourself grown-up, shame on you.

i've heard a number of lesbians defend homosexuality in the same way, i remember the evil manipulitive smiles on their faces and i get reminded of the old tom and jerry cartoons where there was an angel on one shoulder and a devil on another. the pro-gay advocates are sweet-talking the good people into accepting and condoning evil into their once-pure hearts, and beneath these advocates' innocent faces they conceal a satanic, firey smirk for all of hell to see.

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