whether you realize it or not, naming your daughter any name commonly associated with males, or vice-versa, is a mark of the beast and you are a satanist if you do such a thing. satan is androgynous simply because god created the genders. satan is into gender-bending, as the world is. the national organization of women and patty ireland are satanists in satanists' purest form, female pastors are satanists because god specifically said that men are to lead churches and women were to keep silent. the whole notion of 'woman power,' besides not being born of truth or knowledge of competency or necessity for anything but sympathy to make runts feel strong and equal, is just plain satanic. god doesn't want women leading men because it says so right in the bible, god doesn't want men letting women drive them around because masculinity is tougher and stronger and of higher endurance than femininity...and women being in the driver's seat and men in the passanger's seat not only lessens mens' masculine integrity but it gives men a passive name.

imagine the great number of wars we'd win if femininity, petite and pretty, did the fighting while masculinity, big and burly, did the douching.

every time i pass a female driving her 'man' around on the road, i feel like running both of the pathetic excuses for men off the road!

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