it is nothing less than unbelievable that there is so much whining about dr. laura. she insults gays and makes them mad, and gays start a crusade against her - a crusade to bring her name down, a crusade to continue living in their fantasy worlds where there is nothing wrong with being gay.

can't we all just grow up? this is happening all over the world, whosoever is "oppressed" by the word of god is standing up and rebelling and turning everybody else into a hazy shade of christian, while godly men and women who accept god's word and oppression can't rebel against the rebellers simply because the rebellers are runts and heterosexuals are god's elect. the runts can speak out against the righteous ones because their predicaments make them sympathetic characters, but the righteous ones can't speak out against the runts because the righteous ones are heros and if a hero would reprimand a runt he'd be seen as shoving his superiority in the runt's face.

this is what 'woman power' stems from, this is what 'black power' stems from, what 'gay pride' stems from, what the new world order stems from. spite. women are jealous they're not god's elect, same with gays, blacks are jealous they're nobody's elect. it's spite. that's why the new world order is a rejection of god, it was predicted in the bible, it should come as no surprise. i'm just surprised nobody is realizing it for what it is.

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