gays place more importance on sex than straights do.

proof? there is a man 4 man chatroom on gay o l for practically every city in the usa. there are no man 4 female rooms, there may be two or four popping up in the town square now and then, and the aol-created rooms that are in the romance section have both gay and straight rooms...but the gay rooms outnumber the straight rooms 3 or 4 times over!

every fag and every lesbian saw the "many gays put sex in with food, water, shelter" line of my right through you noveltees t-shirt, and they all gave the defense: "so do straights".

you can't defend yourselves by saying that gay o l is the only way you can meet other gays, because most of the cities that have their own m4m rooms have at least 2 gay bars. because it's just as easy to pick up strangers for a quickie at a rest stop or at an adult bookstore, in the sauna of a fitness club or at the park. it's easier to get gay sex than it is to get straight sex.

conclusion: gays place more importance on sex than straights do. they live and breathe for it.

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