it really boggles my mind that quote-unquote 'men' on gay o l proposition me for sex when i have a link to this site in my profile and when i have a low-toned gay bashing profile and homepage for my screenname. it's like their wee minds say to them, "he's just unhappy with being gay, but go ahead and proposition him because he is sexually aroused by masculine images and if he's anything like people of today then his id rules his life and he will have sex with you".

i told one 'man' who immed me that i am not in the area and that i am not into gay sex. he goes, "oh, you're not gay...your site is misleading". the text on my site is unarguable anti-gay, this 'man' assumed i was gay simply because i admit to being aroused by masculine images. so, in effect, being 'gay' is all a matter of lust. this is what satan wants, he wants people to be a bunch of sex fiends who do everything that they do to either directly or indirectly please themselves. he wants men to think with the wrong head, he wants peoples' live to be led for thrill, he wants people to party as hardy as they partied in the ancient cities sodom and gomorrah.

one fag said that the story of sodom and gomorrah was not anti-gay, but anti-sexual overindulgence. using sex for the wrong reasons i'm sure is a part of anyone's definition of 'sexual overindulgence,' and i'm sure there was so much gay sex in sodom and gomorrah to show that gay sex is using sex for the wrong reasons. so then, those stories just weren't exclusively anti-gay.

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