we all so embrace freedom, but freedom is what is sending a plethora of people to hell. the united states of america (or the jew s.a.) was founded as a result of rebellion, rebellion is not of god and it's only elemental that a country that satan founded would ultimately be heading in the direction that the jew s.a. is heading in.

sure, nobody had any satanic intentions when the country was first founded...but it's always a matter of time. freedom can be an evil, satanic thing. 'no rules, just right' is equally satanic...and if you can't figure out why then guess who's gonna burn?

you can't just 'doowutchyalike,' be that marrying interracially or having no problems with homosexual sex or being an advocate for 'woman power,' and expect to go to heaven when you die. you can't totally ignore god's word and expect him to accept your proud soul into heaven. you can't even pick and choose the parts of his word that you obey and expect to go to heaven. it just doesn't work, much like how you can't respect someone who kisses your ass.

so the next time you are embracing freedom, turn around and ask yourself if it is really freedom from god that you are embracing. because, though this is what the world is doing and condoning, you can't go to heaven if you are. much like how you can't sing the song if you don't know the words.

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