i was debating in the chat rooms about gays in the military and whether or not they should serve. of course, the debate started to heat up and i was being called homophobic, racist, cowardly, and fascist. next thing i know, this former military guy (forgot his screen name so i'll use the name berkely to prove my point here) sends a post where he said he served in the military for 10 years and the last 5 years of service was hell and he was glad to get out because he was sick of the "queer, faggot shit!!" my response to his comment was "you see folks, berkely is the reason why gays shouldn't serve in the military!!!" after i said that, the name calling stopped, and everyone seemed to stop chatting over the issue. i guess everyone shut up and started to actually think about what i was saying.

the point is, homosexuality is a lifestyle. it's also become a political issue over the last 30 years. the military isn't a political platform, it is a service of government. anytime you get politics involved with such a service, you get a real fucked up way of running things. one thing that really grabs my gonads is the fact that homosexuality has recently become attributed with race and homosexuals aren't another race of people, they are people who live a particular lifestyle. if you want to live that sort of lifestyle, that's fine with me. just don't ask me to foreit my tax money to such things as tolerance programs or beefing up law enforcement and our judicial system in order to take special consideration for "hate crime laws." and please don't ask me to take special consideration for you just because you're homosexual?? why should i?? what has the gay community done for me?? absolutely nothing.

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