it's been a long day. i started at about 12 noon, marketing my site to the sex addicts on gay o l under the screenname "i like to give bj," directing them to my site with promise of "pictures of me and more info". [by the way, for the 12 hours i was online i got 369 hits! 369 follow-throughs to the main frameset! and a new record for most hits per month, as well as a new record for most hits in an hour - replacing the hour in september when the feds were drawn to my site for the explanations of fantasies i had of doing away with a certain presidential big shot (and his wife especially). not to mention most hits per day.]

anyway, the reason i am writing this page is because when i was in some chat room (i don't think it was a gay chat room - yes, i finally went into normal chat rooms to market my anti-gay site), some lady commented on my screenname. "gay people are so sexually explicit," she said.

why, yes little one, gay people live their lives for sexuality - they think they'd be denying themselves if they didn't place utmost importance on it! where have you been this last decade?

some gay male (dare i say 'man') called me a satanist for having written this site, i realized then that the role reversal that makes the gay world turn names satan as lord and the lord of heaven as satan.

hmn, 12 hours and all i have to show for it is this page. (and 369 hits!)

check out my site, , unless you're there now