i decided to write this page because the five year-olds who comprise the gay chat rooms on america online are having a field day, calling me a closeted homo, etc.

first, anyone who has spent any time on the site would have been introduced to my homosexual attraction. second, if a 'closeted homo' is a man who doesn't celebrate, shout about or otherwise advertise to others that which is as internal as his innermost desires (or, coincidentally, his id), then what's that saying about someone who is out? third, since when does one's likes (fetishes?) justify his very existence - especially if he liked, say, to spend his off-days sniffing cocaine but in his heart he did not want that life for himself?

in today's selfish and bloated pro-gay world, it is almost sin not to celebrate each and every aspect of oneself. "that's just the way you are, accept it," is the pro-gay lingo to keep people from broadening their horizons and growing. "you can't change" is tantamount to "you're in chains," so the words "free your mind" really should be followed by "to accept yourself as a prisoner".

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