i was flipping through my computv today and ran across mtv's real world. the female niglet was all pissing and moaning about how somebody (heaven forbid) offended her, if she was in the room with me i would have taken the unused guitar that's up against the bookcase and taken a bunch of extreme blows to her head. i'd have done the same to the masculivoid when they both started saying that peoples' ignorance is the underlying reason that other people offend them. excuse me, don't be talking about ignorance like it's not a part of you when you go ga-ga for naked members of your own gender like their bodies are the sweetest taboo for you. don't be talking about ignorance like it's not a part of you when you wail and throw a tantrum if ever you run into somebody who opposes you. true, you're young and clueless, but everybody should know by age 15 that they're not going to be respected by everybody. and by age 20 they should learn to accept it.

mtv is an advocate for everything satanic. the phrase "love thy neighbor" has been morphed by weak groups that don't want to deal with people not liking them into the phrase "respect thy neighbor". satan is behind it, for 'no rules, just right' is a rejection of god and the company who coined that slogan for their restaurant should be spit on by noon on tuesday. it's gone so far, that people can't differenciate between 'love thy neighbor' and 'respect thy neighbor,' they think they're interchangable. and society thinks they should not be waken up with a bunch of slaps in the face!

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