some things make you wanna be a cop killer. body count sung about this notion, whines disguised in anger, but i'm not whining for anybody...i'm just saying what i feel.

granted, joseph palczynski did a horrible thing. he may have deserved to die in the minds of spiteful crybabies all around the world...but to think that this crybaby mentality is alive and well in the police force really boggles the mind.

i don't believe the police don't know what they're doing when they fire guns. i do believe they can wound somebody enough to immobilize him. i don't believe killing joseph palczynski (or, as the ap put it, 'fatally wounding' joseph palczynski...nice facade) was necessary. i guess if nobody likes somebody, it's alright to murder them.

the death of joseph palczynski is a mark of the angry spite of the whiners that permeate the gay '90s.

"the only shots fired at the end of the standoff came from police."

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