i know how you superior-complexed 'women' are, you get so bent out of shape when a man holds a door open for you to go before him. "eek," you think, "i am woman, hear me roar, sisters are doing it for themselves!!!".

don't you even realize that that's what the media is doing? they're encouraging you, putting you in the spotlight and putting men in the background. "well, men have been in the foreground long enough, it's time us women were there," you say. men have been in the foreground because men are leaders, men are stronger, men are more competent...as my "goodbye, grrrls" song says, "when you're given pats just cuz you are ladies, don't you feel like it's cuz you're slow?"

regulated sympathy. the "relieve the less competent by acknowledging them as special" campaign. women are runts, you never see men marching in a runt power parade, but even shania sings about wearing mens' shirts. because women are runts, because men are the winners.

women are runts, women are runts, women are runts.

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