l u s h e s

you know gays are a bunch of unimportant and out-of-touch lushes when you go into a chat room on aol and you see "would anyone like a first class blowjob" or "any young guys want a great free massage in rehoboth no strings today im me" or even "hot italian submissive leather bottom seeking inshape dominant leather top in nyc/nj area".

this is why i say i love to bash them. their lives are worth nothing, they are incompetent children who can't be happy without another person in their lives to have sex with at least once a week. they think sex is to die for, they are blind, they think pleasure is the most important thing on earth and that to deny yourself of it is a sin against 'who you are' like who everyone must be is a prisoner of instant gratification. it's no wonder the world is so screwed up, with fags preaching their derelict 'have fun' values to everyone on earth - with oprah winfrey saying you're living a lie if you feel like a woman but do your best to be true to your penis - it's no wonder so many good people are hating these types of people and being seen as bad people. so therefore i support aaron mckinney and i support whoever bombed that abortion clinic, and i support anyone who hates anyone whose existence is of the anti-christ.

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