so one day, i made a 'save phillip' screenname on gay o l. here's the profile:

phillip kinney is my best friend and my boyfriend. we have been dating for a year, and he just found out that he has aids. luckily, i don't have it (yet), and i am searching for friends and supporters to help us get though. he doesn't eat, he doesn't talk, he doesn't take showers every day, he is just so depressed. feel pity for him please, i am not asking for money just good people and friends and supporters. let him know that he's cared about, let him know that he matters, let him know he's loved. you can leave a message for me or phillip at my website,, or else you could just get to know our (his) situation and maybe even help him in ways neither of us have even thought about. is a pointer to this site. one guy says i will rot in hell, like god approves of gays. one guy tells me that gay o l deactivated the link to my site, like he is living in his own reality as much as the first guy is. some dumb guy actually tells me he's following me around from room to room, telling people not to go to my site, okay so did he think i wouldn't advertise with another screenname? some dolts even took me seriously after going to my site, offering thoughts and prayers. how the hell (no pun intended) can gays take themselves seriously, praying to a god whose word they ignore. or they have customized like gateway does computers. god is anti-gay. god created sex to reproduce. god meant for his people to be mature, not goo-goo thrillseekers.

check out my site, , unless you're there now