i received these blind words from another homosexual who apparently thought i'm as much a prisoner to my libido as matthew shepard was. the second letter he writes to me ended with, "oh, incidentially, i have a hairy chest".

matthew was probably not an angel, but on the other hand he will be remembered that way. reguardless of whether you post messages saying the opposite.

what are you saying, sir, that the country will take up the violin for matt's sake? well, they are! but regardless of what you say, i think matt is going to be remembered as a homosexual before he's remembered as an angel...though i'm sure he'll be remembered as both by some.

if matt is an angel simply because he was killed for acting out on his self-gratifying pleasure principle, if matt is an angel simply because he was killed for having no respect for the genders god laid out or for himself as the man of his dreams...if matt was killed simply because he went against god's plan to suit his own lusts, who do you think matt the angel serves?

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