i know i must have said this many times within this website, but let's have a good look at all the gay 'men' who populate the chat rooms on gay o l night after night. let's have a look at all the people that populate the chat rooms. don't you have anything productive to do with your time? besides watching tv, that is.

we are living in a nation of sexually addicted couch potatoes. what would you do without the media? how could you possibly keep yourself entertained without a television to watch and without a movie theater to go to or without any cds to listen to or without the works of other people to keep you entertained? after all, you can only be striving at the gym for a perfect body like the ones you see on tv for a couple hours a day at the most.

"this chat room is soooooooooooo boring," i see masculivoids from california to seattle type. and the other 48 states too! so what do you think they're trying to do online, what do you think they expect when they're signing on? i'll do a variation to my "can't stand losing you" parody and say "depressed dudes off work, structureless, are so ill-prepared so they rush onliiiiiiine".

i think y'all should get a life.

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