well, i just learned something tonight. i was on gay o l in the man 4 man chat rooms, trying to market my site, and this "man" talks to me. he says, "what's up," and i go "nothing much, you," and he says "nothing, just horny". i never really thought too deeply about my disgust when i've heard "men" says things like this in the past...but i did tonight.

truth of the matter is, you're not horny if you're focused on doing something productive. be that washing dishes, cutting the lawn or anything. the only time you're horny is when you dwell in your lustful thoughts, tell me i'm wrong. it doesn't come out of nowhere, eddie murphy joked about pre-teens sitting in class and all of a sudden their dicks get hard, but that just goes to show you the mentalities of the "men" in the gay o l man 4 man rooms.

without fuel, there'd be no fire. if a naked man walks in front of you, you'd stare and fantasize and daydream. but if the same naked man walked in front of you wearing a pair of steel sandles as you were barefoot on paul bunyon's oven, the naked mantasy would not hold your attention. you would not get a hard-on simply because you'd be too focused on jumping up and down, trying to keep your feet from burning off. conclusion: we're not horny, we just don't know what the hell else to do with ourselves.

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