did you ever wonder why gays are such advocates for everything deserving pity? there's the gay who won't drink milk and who doesn't think it is right for anyone but newborns to drink milk, because he doesn't think it's fair for the cow to be on this earth solely for the use of humans. their "love everybody" campaign has gone a little too far. animal rights activists, okay, that's the epitome of queer - striving to protect animals and to give them freedom as we know it.

"i believe the word in the bible is 'dominion,' man is to have dominion over animals. does that mean he can kill them? the queen of england has dominion over the people, does she have the right to kill the people?" can you say 'apples and oranges' while you are comparing god's word to the laws of the land? can you even comprehend 'apples and oranges' when you're talking about human beings and animals? i'll admit, i treated timmy like a person, but that's cuz he was my dog. gays are such runts who can't live without polititians' sympathy for them, so they feel it's their duty to take under their wing whosoever shall be denied of the right to live without any interference or opposition from anybody.

gays wanna be god. they have their own sense of right and wrong that's contrary to the word of god which says that we can eat some animals. go through the bible, though the commandments, you wouldn't be able to deny the fact that gays rebel against god in more ways than one.

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