whether or not you're mature enough to realize that to abort means to terminate or to cancel, and when you're terminating a human life you're still terminating a human life regardless of where the human's heart beats, probably will relate to your ability to see that there wouldn't be a need for abortions if people would just grow up and out of self-gratification. or out of the low self-image that makes them wanna have sex to justify themselves as 'grown-ups'. or out of the naivete that makes them wanna see other people naked and touch their naked bodies and feel their insides.

this is why i'd rather be mature than educated. whether or not you think you're born with your sexual lusts, you can't argue that there is a certain mystique that begets attraction, be that sexual attraction or not. that's where the term, "opposites attract," comes from. schools don't teach us maturity to see all men as equal, the reason why boys should be taught to hang around other boys and not girls is because boys and girls are like primary colors...and mixing them will produce hazy shades of mister or miss. i've always had more girls as friends than boys, from the fourth grade on i felt even more a slight-of-man because the guys in the locker room had hair under their armpits and i didn't. a misty mystique. classmates who exceled at sports were honored, jocks had a mystique about them. i was a little too close to my sister, her friends, and the girls in my class, girls never had a mystique about them. that's why i'm attracted to men and not women. so let's quit all this talk about genetics being the gateway computers of humans' minds, it's all a bunch of hokey.

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