so, napster appears to be dead, thanks to whiners like metallica and howard king. you know, because with mp3s circulating about, lars and the gang might only make 9 million dollars as opposed to 11 million. "oh, this is our art, it's what we excel at, we want people to buy it to make us richer than we ever dreamed, but we want big brother in their living rooms to make sure they don't do with it what they excel at and put it into their computer systems!"

do they really think that people are going to not be able to trade music, just because napster is gone? it's not hard to get a record into your computer, let alone a cd. heck, feed each song into your computer and zip 'em all together and you've got a whole album or cd or cassette in a zip file on your desktop! email it to a couple hundred people using free internet service so they can't trace your identity and use a free email program like so they can't trace your identity, send it to a couple hundred of your friends.

do it just to spite metallica and the riaa. haha, send a zip file of '...and justice for all' to a hundred email addresses you get in the aol member directory and make sure you include metallica's and howie king's email addresses! that'd be a hoot! oh, look at that title, '...and justice for all,' well maybe they should rename it to "...and justice for metallica'
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